Kakamega Tropical Rainforest Rehabilitation Project

KAKAMEGA TROPICAL RAINFOREST REHABILITATION PROJECT is an ongoing project being funded by International Tree Foundation (ITF), and it was officially launched in March 2021. The project’s aim is enhancing lives and livelihoods of communities living the around the Kakamega tropical rain forest.

The project’s goal is to create access to social and economic opportunities towards empowering women and youth. To achieve this goal, WWANC works by mobilizing women into self-help groups through which the women engage in various socio-economic activities in mitigating climate change and creating a resilient community through capacity building trainings on various skills for example; Agroforestry, Smart Agriculture, entrepreneurship the business aspect, Bio-diversity, establishment and maintenance of tree nurseries, composite manure, grafting of various fruit trees.

The project is championing for the empowerment of women by building their capacities and competencies. This has been achieved by conducting skills enhancement on grafting of various fruit trees namely Hass avocados, oranges, mangoes and passion.

The trainings are equipping the women with necessary skills and experience and they are now able to manage their own farms from a business point. The project has empowered the women and they are able to position themselves in strategic decision-making processes that take place at varying levels in in the society.