Our Team

<b>Dr. Stella Wanjala</b>
Dr. Stella Wanjala
Board Chair
Dr. Stella Wanjala is an esteemed leader guiding WWANC towards its vision of a more sustainable future. With a distinguished career in Conservation of Natural Resources, she is a source of invaluable wisdom and strategic insights to our Board. Dr. Stella is deeply committed to our mission of empowering generations through empowering a woman and her passion for environmental conservation and women's empowerment is evident in every decision she makes. Under her guidance, our organization continues to thrive, making a lasting impact on communities and ecosystems alike.
Rose Wamalwa
Rose Wamalwa
Meet Rose, the passionate leader driving our organization's mission forward. With over 20 years of experience in community development & gender mainstreaming, she has a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a visionary strategist and advocate for positive change. Rose is dedicated to empowering communities, promoting sustainability, and championing environmental conservation efforts. She is committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and impact, inspiring others to join us in creating a brighter and more sustainable future for all.