About us


Women in Water and Natural Resources Conservation (WWANC) is a women led organization in Kenya working across the country to transform the lives of women. WWANC was started in 2011 with two co-founders and directors who had the passion to bring change in the society by empowering women socially, economically and politically while mitigating climate change.
WWANC’s focus is geared towards promoting and protecting the lives of women’s and girls’ rights through inclusion and active participation in community development.
As an organization, our goal is to ‘create access to social and economic opportunities towards empowering Women and Children.”
WWANC believes that when women thrive, the society thrives too which remains a key priority in our programs.
WWANC’s motivation is to ensure that women are not left behind in the development progress. We believe that when women are positively impacted then it cascades down to the rest of community.

Our Mission

Promoting resilient communities through health, education, climate, and economic justice for grassroots women in Africa.

Our Model

WWANC seeks to cultivate long-term partnerships and maintain long-term solutions that encompass women centered community development projects geared towards transforming women burdens into viable opportunities. We are committed to ensuring that our investments are spent directly in the communities where we work to the greatest extent possible.

Our Vision

To have a community where women are equipped for sustainable development