2023 is a year that women shall me positioned well on issues of forestry and environment and as an organization we aim to be a catalyst to bring this to a reality.

Making Women’s efforts in Forest Conservation a reality requires tremendous support from a variety of sources. As a principal actor and influential organization in the forest sector, we continue to work with organizations to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sector and the Women’s Forest conservation in a variety of ways, including:

  • Encourage employees to join the working groups and/or serve on committees and allow them the bandwidth/flexibility to do so as well as fundraising & donating towards the same.
  • Encourage employees to attend and participate in the forestation events and programs.
  • Be intentional about the advancement of women and underrepresented communities and groups within your organization and through external relationships with WWANC and other partners.
  • Develop a set of guiding principles to address diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization and member companies.

While financial support for the effort continues to be needed, the above actions are a necessary first step for true engagement. Any financial support will be paired with a set of expectations/shared goals that align with and support the overall goals of WWANC and the women in the communities.

Organizations and individuals aligned with our Mission and Vision are invited to be an integral part of the Women’s Forest Conservation projects of 2023. Your support will ensure the Declaration and related Resolutions made at the COP 27 CONGRESS are successfully implemented. Your financial support will ensure that the energy, momentum, and excitement will flow into the coming months and continue to grow and support the extraordinary community forming around the movement.

Critical topics we continue to address include:

  • Leadership for Equity & Inclusion
  • Workforce Opportunities for Increasing Recruitment, Retention, and Leadership
  • Women as Catalysts for Change
  • Addressing Today’s Greatest Forest Challenges
  • Supporting Each Other

Your sponsorship or donation will directly support ongoing communications, virtual events, and the volunteer-led Steering Committee, Advisory Council, and Working Groups. It will also support this historic movement to position and learn from women as leaders in the forest community.

By Jones Mutebi

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